Remote Services

Flexile allow you to access various remote services for Backing up, Restoring, Importing and Exporting data. If you need help in setting up a service, please visit the Remote Service Management tutorial. This tutorial assumes you've already setup at least one remote service and will explain how to use that service to select files and folder, add folder, rename files and folder, and delete files and folders.

Pretty much all of the remote services you have access to will store information in a folder-like structure (similar to a file browser on a PC or Mac). Regardless of which service you use, Flexile will display the information (files & folders) from that service in the same way. Initially, you'll access the remote service by tapping on a button in Flexile for a specific purpose. For example, if you're importing a file, there will be a button labelled "Import File". Tapping on this button (or one like it) will bring you to the "Root" folder of whatever service you've selected.

Root Folder

The root folder is essentially the "top" most folder for the service. What this means depends a little bit on the service. Dropbox, for example, currently limits Flexile to a sub folder located at /Apps/Flexile. So the Root folder displayed for Dropbox is actually /Apps/Flexile. SugarSync, on the other hand, is a little weird. The top folder is actually a list of Synced folders from various devices.

Displayed Items

Flexile won't display all the items listed for the folder. Instead, it will only display items relevant to what you're trying to accomplish. For example, if the you're intended to select a folder you actually won't see any files listed at all. At the same token, if you're intended to select an file to import Flexile will only display files that can actually be imported into Flexile.

Folders will simply display the folder name along with an Icon (so you know it's a folder). Files will have other information displayed along with them, such as the file name, the file size and a created/modified date. What kind of information is displayed depends on what information the remote service provides.

If you want to navigate to (or open) another Folder, simply tap on the ">>" button at the right of the folder listing. In some cases you can tap on the folder itself, but only when the goal of the navigation isn't to select a folder. For example, if you're exporting a file or backup your database, you'll be selecting a folder to backup/export to. In that case, tapping the folder will select it instead of opening it.

When you open a folder, you'll be brought to another listing of files/folders. You can return to the previous folder by tapping on the parent folder name located at the top-left in the navigation bar. This is normally where the Back button is located, but will display the name of the parent folder instead.


To select a file or folder, simply tap on it. Of course, if you're intended to select a file, you won't be able to select a folder. Instead, tapping on the folder will open it. Also, if you've entered Editing mode (by tapping on the Edit button) tapping on a File/Folder has a different function, but I'll explain that more below.

Creating a Folder

First, you can't always create a folder. There are times when the remote service won't allow it. An example of this is the Root folder for SugarSync. Since the SugarSync root folder is a listing of Synced Folders on other devices, it won't allow you to create a new one (neither will Flexile). If you can create a new folder, the there will be a button at the top right in the navigation bar (shown right).

Tapping on the Add Folder button will open a text box you can use to enter the name of the new folder. If the name you choose is the same as another folder or file, you will get an error. Otherwise, the folder will be added. Note that Flexile won't add the new Folder until it's confirmed that the folder has been added to the remote service, so you may see a waiting indicator for a second or two before the folder shows up.

Editing a File/Folder Name

To edit a name (either File or Folder) you first want to tap on the edit button, if available. Just as with creating a folder, you won't always be able to edit names so the edit button may not be displayed. After you tap the edit button, you can then tap on a File/Folder to edit it. Note that if the name you choose is the same as an existing file or folder, you'll get an error. After you tap Done, Flexile will submit the change to the remote server and will wait for a response, so you may see a waiting indicator for a second or two.

Deleting a File/Folder

To delete a file or folder, simply swipe right on the the file/folder you want to delete and then tap on the Delete button. You can also tap on the Edit button, then tap on the "-" button to the right of the file you want to delete and finally confirm by tapping on the Delete button. Per usual, not all files/folders are deletable. So if you don't see the "Edit" button, chances are that you won't be able to delete any files.