Remote Service Management

Flexile allow you to create connections to various Remote Services currently including: Dropbox, SugarSync and This tutorial will explain how to add, remove and edit remote services.

To manage remote services, you'll need to go to Flexile's settings (by tapping the gear icon near the top left of the table list screen). Toward the bottom of the Settings Screen you'll see a section called "Backup, Restore & Import" . Tap on the first button in that section, called "Remote Services", to manage all the remote services. When you do, you'll be brought to a standard "List Editing" screen.

Adding a Remote Service

If you tap on the "Add" Button, you'll be presented with a list of services you can add. Select the service you want to add (you can add multiple instances of the same service for different accounts). What happens after you select a service will depend on the service you select, which I'll explain momentarily. Note that some services will require you leave the Flexile app to authorize access.



If you select Dropbox, you will immediately exit Flexile and either: 1. arrive at Dropbox's own app, if it's installed or 2. arrive at Dropbox's website (on Safari) if the Dropbox app isn't installed.

In either case Dropbox will ask you if you want to authorize Flexile to access your data on Dropbox. You must authorize Flexile in order for Flexile to use Dropbox's services. You may be required to sign-in to Dropbox (especially if you're brought to the website). Once you've authorized Flexile, you'll be brought back to Flexile and the new Dropbox account will show up under the username for the account you authorized Flexile with (you can change the name if you want).

If you're brought to the Dropbox app, you're probably already signed in to a Dropbox account. You don't have to use this account if you don't want to. Toward the bottom of the screen you can tap on a "Change" button to switch accounts. If you do, Dropbox will automatically transfer you (again) to Safari so you can log-in under a different account.

Privacy: Flexile does not store any private information related to the Dropbox account. While we initially grab the user info (to name the account) that's all that info is used for, and you can change it anyway. When Flexile is authorized, Dropbox provides Flexile with a specific access key that only Flexile can use.



If you select the SugarSync service, you'll be brought to a screen you can use to enter the service Name (it can be anything you want to call the account), the SugarSync username of the account you want to access and the password. Once you've entered the appropriate information (all fields need to be filled in) tap on the "Sign In" button. Flexile will attempt to authorize itself with SugarSync using the Username and Password you provided. If it's successful, the service will be added. If it's not successful, you be given an error.

Privacy: Even though you provide a username and password, Flexile does not store this information. Flexile uses this information to authorize itself with SugarSync, which will provide Flexile with an Access Key Flexile uses to access the account. The username and password are not stored. Once Flexile is authorized, it will discard the username and password and only use the Access Key.


If you select the service, you'll immediately be transferred out of Flexile to's authorization website (in Safari). Once you sign in to, it will ask you if you want to Authorize Flexile. Once you do, you'll be transferred back into Flexile and the account will show up in the list. Note that it may take a second (some secondary authorization has to occur) for the account to show up, depending on your internet connection and how fast the servers are feeling at the moment.

Privacy: Flexile does not store any private information related to the account. When you authorize Flexile, will provide an Access Key and Refresh Key Flexile uses to access the service. Flexile only stores these keys.

Expiration: uses a fairly secure system for authorization. provides Flexile with a Refresh Key that's used to get a new Access Key (access keys are only valid for an hour). The Access Key is what Flexile uses to access the account. A Refresh key can only be used once, and when Flexile requests a new Access Key it's also provide a new Refresh Key (so it can ask for another Access Key later). Refresh Keys are only valid for 14 days. So if you don't use the service in Flexile for 14 days, you'll be asked to re-authorize the account. Also, you may have to reauthorize the account if you restore from a previous backup (which will probably include an invalid access key).

Editing a Service

To edit a service, tap on it. For Dropbox, SugarSync and, the only thing you can edit is the name of the service. Since Flexile doesn't store any other information about the account, the name of the account is the only possible thing you could edit. If/when I add more services there may be more information to edit, depending on the service.

Deleting a Service

You can delete a service the normal way you'd delete any list item. The easiest way is to swipe right on the service and then tap on the Delete button. You can also tap the Edit button at the top, then tap on the "-" button on the left and finally confirm by tapping on the Delete button that'll show up on the right.

Note: Deleting a service won't de-authorize Flexile from that service. It will simply remove that service from the list. To de-authorize a service, you'll have to visit the website of that service and de-authorize Flexile there.

De-authorizing Flexile

You can find instructions for de-authorizing Flexile for each of the services below. Remember that de-authorizing a service won't remove that service from Flexile's service list. You'll have to manually delete the service from the list. If you don't delete the service after de-authorizing Flexile, the next time you attempt to use that service it will fail (and generate an error).

  • Dropbox: If you want to deny Flexile authorization to Dropbox, visit Dropbox's Application Authorization page and remove Flexile from the list of authorized apps. You can also find the same page by visiting -> Sign In -> Tap on your Name (top right) -> Tap on Settings -> Tap on "My Apps".
  • SugarSync: Sorry, I don't have a direct link. Visit -> Sign In -> Tap on your Name (Top Right) -> Tap on "My Account" -> De-authorize "Flexile", which will be listed in the last section named "Apps".
  • Visit their website: -> Log In -> Tap on the "Gear" icon (top right) -> Tap on "Account Settings" -> Tap on "Security" (don't tap on "Apps"...that's something different) -> Remove Flexile from the list of "Applications" by tapping on the "X" button to the right of the listing.