1.0.7 - Released 6/01/2013

Bug Fixes

  • Replaced all instances of UIScrollView with DrawScrollView to get the directional indicator functionality. Somehow I had missed a few views. 
  • (Fixed) when stripping strings to a number in the NumberFormatter, it wouldn't detect negative values ("-") if the negative wasn't the first item (if there was a string prefix). It will now strip the prefix and appropriately detect the negative number. 
  • (Fixed) Adding/Removing/Rearranging/Editing Table Sections wouldn't update the displaying table. This would lead to a crash in a lot of situations (collapsing a section, or even tapping on a table) as the underlying data was misaligned to the displayed table list. 
  • (Fixed) If you saved a Record and the changes caused it to no longer be listed in the record set, Flexile would crash. 
  • (Fixed) Occasional Crash when conforming a Control to a View Definition. This happened sometimes when bringing Flexile to the foreground after it had been moved to the background. 
  • (Fixed) If you tried to save an Aggregate Field, and the table that field refers to was deleted, Flexile will crash. 
  • (Fixed) Table list section header didn't update table count after deleting a table 
  • (Fixed) Sometimes an Aggregate Field would show as "needing to be saved" when it nothing had changed in the field. 
  • (Fixed) In some cases, you could choose to aggregate the very same aggregate field, this would lead to a cycle and crash when you tried to save 
  • (Fixed) Deleting a field didn't remove references other aggregate fields had to the field. 
  • (Fixed) Deleting a Table and then visiting a record in another table that was linked to the deleted table would cause Flexile to crash only if you had previously visited that record. 
  • (Fixed) Unable to select "Back" in the Link Selection Screen if you haven't altered your selection