1.0.91 Released - 12/18/2013

New Features & Changes

  • Sorts can now invert running balances. An inverted running balance will "start" at the last record and work its way upward so that the first record displays the balance. This can be useful for transaction tables where you want the recent records at the top.
  • There is now a new table option: "Transaction Table". Selecting this option will alter the behavior of other tables linking to records in this table to allow for rapid data entry. New Records are automatically linked to the source record. Deleting a link to a record in a transaction table results in the record being deleted as well. The idea behind this is for each item in a transaction table to be tied to one record.
  • Tables can now have icons. There are several default icons to choose from or you can select your own (from your photo library).
  • Fields now display icons.
  • You can now edit fields in the View Creator.
  • You can now print out individual records.
  • You can now include Checkboxes in calculations.
  • You can now tap on an Aggregate Field to edit the Linked Records that compose the aggregate (works a bit like a subtable).
  • You can now select the exact font size you want in the View Creator instead of tapping "+/-" (though you can still do that too if you want).
  • Formula constants now use the Flexile keyboard rather than the standard iOS keyboard for numeric values.
  • Mass record deletion now takes longer and displays a progress bar while it deletes.
  • Record Tables now display "Filtered" in the subtitle if a filter is applied to the table, giving a clearer indication of why you might not be seeing the records you want.

Bug Fixes

The usual round of bugs were rounded up and summarily shot.