1.0.9 Release - 11/29/2013

New Features

Savable Multi-Field Filters

Flexile now has the ability to create multi-field filters and save them. This means you can filter your records based on values in multiple fields. Moreover, Filters can be part of other filters (as sub-filters) which can allow you to create very sophisticated filters. This should allow you to display only the records you want to see.

Savable Multi-field Sorting

Sorting can now also be done by multiple fields. This allows you to sort first by one field, then by another and so on. Just as the Filters, these Sorts are saved.

Quick Sort/Filter

You can now tap on a record Header (in the record list) to sort on that field (if it's sortable). In addition, there is a search icon on each field that is searchable. Tap on the search icon and you can quickly filter based on the search term.

Record Defaults

When you create filters, you can choose to use the search values (predicates) as default values for records created while the filter is in effect. And yes, this can be used to create default Links as well. Using this, you can change a Record's default values simply by changing the filter. This can also help ensure that new records will be displayed in the current filter.

Views with Filter/Sorts

Views can now have a Filter and/or Sort attached to them. If a Filter/Sort is attached to a view, the table's Filter/Sort will be changed to it when you switch to that view. This means by changing a view you can change: 1. How your fields are arranged 2. Which records are showing 3. The order those records are displayed in 4. The Default Values for New Records

This really makes Views a very powerful feature in Flexile.


There are a bunch of other tweaks and enhancements made, including an easier way to select dates. I won't go into detail about all of them, but I've continued to make Flexile easier and I will continue to take the feedback I get to make Flexile a better product.

Bug Fixes

A whole lot of bugs got squashed in this release... a veritable bug genocide.