1.0.4 - Released 12/10/2012


    • Added the ability to set Text Alignment on all Text Based Fields except Note fields.  Also includes Picker fields and Checkbox Fields.
    • Added a new Time Picker because, frankly, the old one was horrible (IMO).

    Bug Fixes

    • (Fixed) Phone Number Formatter was displaying the first character in format string when field value is nil.
    • (Fixed) Picker Control wasn't being formatted correctly when for custom user settings.
    • (Fixed) Blank Links show up rarely and randomly... the problem occurred randomly enough that I couldn't replicate it while debugging.  While it hasn't occurred since the fix, I can't be completely certain the fix worked.
    • (Fixed) Blank Records show up when Selecting Records for a link...again, this happens very randomly so I can't completely confirm my fix has worked.
    • (Fixed) Tapping "Tables" while in a Record List and then immediately tapping a table (within .3 seconds of the animation completing) will cause Flexile to not load the table and instead display the Flexile logo.
    • (Fixed) iPhone Only - Color Picker options went offscreen in View Edit screen when iPhone was in Landscape.
    • (Fixed) Sometimes when selecting a time, the incorrect time was represented and/or it would actually cause the day to advance.  

    UI Changes

    • Replaced the standard Segmented Control with one of my own making.  You should notice very little change (if any), except for perhaps some different animations when adding/removing section elements.
    • Editing Views on the iPad is no longer restricted to a specific orientation for all views except for the "List View in Landscape", which will still Lock the orientation to "Landscape" because it needs the space.
    • Altered the background color for outgoing Links to be more distinct (greener).
    • Sped up orientation rotation animations when viewing a Record Detail (overlay).  This should be most noticeable on the iPad 3.
    • Altered the Font Picker considerably.  It now displays the font name/style in the actual font that is selected (rather than using a generic font).
    • Altered the Option Picker (same as used for Font Picking).  Cosmetically, there's a new cool animation when you select an option.  Underneath the hood, a lot changed.  The animation was actually necessary to keep consistency...plus it looks pretty neat.