1.1.0 Released - 1/26/2015


  • You can now copy, merge and duplicate tables
  • Records can now be edited in-line
  • Can now handle multiple databases locally on the device (go to Settings -> Database Archives)
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support added
  • Tables can now be hidden. This helps to keep the clutter down when you're using "sub-tables" for connecting information.

1.0.91 Released - 12/18/2013

New Features & Changes

  • Sorts can now invert running balances. An inverted running balance will "start" at the last record and work its way upward so that the first record displays the balance. This can be useful for transaction tables where you want the recent records at the top.
  • There is now a new table option: "Transaction Table". Selecting this option will alter the behavior of other tables linking to records in this table to allow for rapid data entry. New Records are automatically linked to the source record. Deleting a link to a record in a transaction table results in the record being deleted as well. The idea behind this is for each item in a transaction table to be tied to one record.
  • Tables can now have icons. There are several default icons to choose from or you can select your own (from your photo library).
  • Fields now display icons.
  • You can now edit fields in the View Creator.
  • You can now print out individual records.
  • You can now include Checkboxes in calculations.
  • You can now tap on an Aggregate Field to edit the Linked Records that compose the aggregate (works a bit like a subtable).
  • You can now select the exact font size you want in the View Creator instead of tapping "+/-" (though you can still do that too if you want).
  • Formula constants now use the Flexile keyboard rather than the standard iOS keyboard for numeric values.
  • Mass record deletion now takes longer and displays a progress bar while it deletes.
  • Record Tables now display "Filtered" in the subtitle if a filter is applied to the table, giving a clearer indication of why you might not be seeing the records you want.

Bug Fixes

The usual round of bugs were rounded up and summarily shot.

1.0.9 Release - 11/29/2013

New Features

Savable Multi-Field Filters

Flexile now has the ability to create multi-field filters and save them. This means you can filter your records based on values in multiple fields. Moreover, Filters can be part of other filters (as sub-filters) which can allow you to create very sophisticated filters. This should allow you to display only the records you want to see.

Savable Multi-field Sorting

Sorting can now also be done by multiple fields. This allows you to sort first by one field, then by another and so on. Just as the Filters, these Sorts are saved.

Quick Sort/Filter

You can now tap on a record Header (in the record list) to sort on that field (if it's sortable). In addition, there is a search icon on each field that is searchable. Tap on the search icon and you can quickly filter based on the search term.

Record Defaults

When you create filters, you can choose to use the search values (predicates) as default values for records created while the filter is in effect. And yes, this can be used to create default Links as well. Using this, you can change a Record's default values simply by changing the filter. This can also help ensure that new records will be displayed in the current filter.

Views with Filter/Sorts

Views can now have a Filter and/or Sort attached to them. If a Filter/Sort is attached to a view, the table's Filter/Sort will be changed to it when you switch to that view. This means by changing a view you can change: 1. How your fields are arranged 2. Which records are showing 3. The order those records are displayed in 4. The Default Values for New Records

This really makes Views a very powerful feature in Flexile.


There are a bunch of other tweaks and enhancements made, including an easier way to select dates. I won't go into detail about all of them, but I've continued to make Flexile easier and I will continue to take the feedback I get to make Flexile a better product.

Bug Fixes

A whole lot of bugs got squashed in this release... a veritable bug genocide.

1.0.82 - Released 10/7/2013

This is a small update to fix issues a small number of users were having that prevented them from backing up... problems I thought I fixed in the previous release. 

Bug Fixes

  • (Fixed) In some rare circumstances, corrupt Remote Service information can cause Flexile to crash when opening the Remote Service Manager.  
  •  (Fixed) Flexile would hang and then crash when changing an Concatenation Field or Calculated Field.  This happens in rare circumstances where the change doesn't result in a difference to the record outputs and the records in the table have references to each other.  Yeah, it's rare but it happens.





1.0.81 - Release 10/3/2013

This will be the inevitable bug fix release for issues arising from the 1.0.8 update.


  • You can now Triple-tap on a word to select the entire line of text in a Text/Note Field.
  • Added Auto Save Selection option for reference fields.  Enabled now by default, this option will automatically Save the selected record for a reference field as soon as you tap on it.  You can disable this in the Reference Field's options. 


Bug Fixes

  • (Fixed) Audio Control: Tapping Forward (>>) skips to the end of the track rather than a few (5) seconds.  Tapping Back (<<) works fine.
  • (Fixed) Calculations - Very rarely performing a calculation will crash.
  • (Fixed) Restoring a pre-1.0.8 database will also restore old (and possibly bad) remote services.
  • (Fixed) iOS 7 Only - Randomly (and fairly rarely) a button will not receive any taps.  The only way to fix this is to exit the screen and re-enter it. 
  • (Fixed) Crash when adding a Remote Service.  This occurs if there is no account name. 
  • (Fixed) "Tap To Rate Flexile"  opened a blank page on the app store in iOS 7.
  • (Fixed) Map View - Sometimes you have to tap the "Done" button twice to exit if you've edited the Address. 
  • (Fixed) Map View - After dragging the marker, the marker remains "stuck" on the map so if you drag the map, the marker doesn't move with it.  When this happens, you can't move the marker again until you reenter the map. 
  • (Fixed) Map View would crash when opening an imported address
  • (Fixed) The Edit Icon in the Map View Address wasn't visible
  • (Fixed) The Map View Marker was offset incorrectly so that it was centered on the address instead of the tip.
  • (Fixed) In some very, very rare cases, a record might not save if it has Links but no records attached to those links. It was only occurring in some very old records likely caused by previous (unreleased) bugs during the development cycle.


1.0.8 - Released 9/27/2013

New Default Theme

If you have iOS 7, you may notice that your theme has changed to the Simple Blue Theme. This is the new default theme Flexile uses for iOS 7 so that it matches with the new 'direction' Apple is taking iOS. Don't worry, you can still change your theme back to whatever other Theme you want to if you don't like this one... this was a one-time only switch on my part. If you're not using iOS 7, I didn't change your theme. However, it will change when you update to iOS 7. Again, this is a one-time only switch so I won't be messing with your theme choices again.

New User Interface

Much of Flexile's User Interface (UI) has been changed. Yes, of course I've changed the graphics and (hopefully) made it look nicer. I've also changed the ways you can interact with Flexile. I've almost completely done away with swiping (first you swipe, then something happens). Instead, views are now draggable, which means views will follow your finger as you move them. This gives Flexile a much more tactile feel to it and make it easier to navigate. More importantly, you can change your mind in the middle of a drag and replace the view you were removing. Of course, you don't have to drag as there are buttons to make all of Flexile's features obvious. If you see a view bounce a little during a transition, it's draggable.

Modal views have changed a little. They can now stacked on top of each other and can be dismissed individually. I use this a lot for displaying password screens and reference pickers. The transition animation should make all this obvious, but I though I should mention it. Also, as a neat addition, you can now pinch in or out to dismiss a modal view. Yeah, yeah... it's a small thing, but it's fun.


Views can now be easily edited directly from where it's being displayed. Look for the glasses icon near the upper left of the screen to change a view, edit it and add a new view. This means you no longer need to go into the table options to add and edit views, which can be a big time saver.

Fields can now be added and deleted directly from within the View Creator. This makes creating and editing tables a lot easier and quicker.

Stateless Records

Flexile's records no longer need to be saved. Flexile will automatically save all changes you make to a record immediately so you don't have to worry about unsaved data. To guard against accidental changes, Flexile will keep an undo list available for each record you can use to undo changes you've made to the record. The undo list will persist as long as Flexile remains in memory. Once Flexile is shut down, it will discard the undo list. Note: Leaving Flexile doesn't shut it down. It's just placed in the background. Of course, if you leave the app for too long (especially if you're visiting other apps) it may be shut down, but normally you won't need to worry about loosing the undo list if you're jumping between Flexile and another app.

Password Protection

You can now password protect Flexile on a couple of levels. Passwords are encrypted. For those who care, I'm using bcrypt with 10 salt rounds. This means it'll take a second to set and check a password. It also means there's virtually no way for anyone to get your password... not even me. So if you forget it, you're out of luck. You've been warned.

Passwords can be alpha-numeric with a standard keyboard or numeric with a number pad. The number pad is easier, of course, but a full alpha-numeric password is probably more secure. That said, you can use mathematical operation in the number pad (add, divide, subtract, multiply) so creating a password using an operation can be more secure and still retain the ease of use that comes from number pad. 

App Level Password

Flexile can be password protected so that you must enter a password before you can use Flexile. You've got two options for when the password is required.

  1. You can require the password only on startup, which means Flexile will only require the password when it's started. It won't require the password if you're jumping between Flexile and another app.
  2. Flexile can require the password every time you enter Flexile. This means if you close the app (hit the home button) and immediately re-open Flexile, you'd have to re-enter the password. This is a lot more secure and, frankly, a lot more annoying... especially if you were trying to copy data from another app.

Table Passwords

Each table can have it's own password. You'll be required to enter the password for a locked table to edit it or to view any of it's contents. This also applies to Links, so if you've linked a record to a locked table's record, you won't be able to view it until the password has been entered. You'll also have the option to auto-lock a table if you leave Flexile.

New Fields & Features

There are three new fields you can choose from as well as some new features. 

New Fields

  1. Reference Field: A reference field will display a linked record's value. At the moment, you have the choice to use either the first or last Linked record. A reference field value cannot be edited and it will update whenever the original/source record has been updated. Moreover, a reference field can reference another reference field, which means you can chain reference fields together. A reference field will display a Link/Chain icon in the detail view. If you tap on this, you'll be presented with a list of records you can reference for easy selection. This makes the reference field a powerful kind of pick list, where the list you're picking from is another table.
  2. Concatenation Field: The concatenation field will allow you to combine the text of other fields together according to a formula you create. For example, you could have fields for First, Middle and Last names. Then concatenate (combine) them with a Full Name concatenation field using the same kind of drag and drop interface used for the Calculation fields. Moreover, you can include other elements conditionally, such as only adding a space if a field has a value.
  3. Running Balance Field: The running balance field will display a running balance in the list views (record list or link list) and in the detail view if the detail view was opened from the record list (otherwise, there's no balance to display). Creating the field is as simple as selecting the other field you want to take a running balance of. Running balances are not stored in the database. Instead, they are calculated whenever the list is displayed. Because of this, they cannot be referenced by any other field. Moreover, they're much more computationally intensive than other fields. If you use multiple running balances in a single table, you may experience a slowdown.

New Features

  • Table Aggregates: Number and Date based fields can now have aggregate information (total, average, etc) displayed at the bottom (footer) of a table. In the field option, you can choose to what kind of aggregate (if any) you want displayed. No matter what kind of aggregate you choose (as long as you choose one), you'll still have access to the other aggregates by tapping on the aggregate in the list view.
  • Calculated Field Dates: Calculated fields now have an option to display a duration as well as a date. In the past, all date-based calculations were displayed as a duration, which didn't always make sense. However, this also means that any calculations that used to display a duration will now display a date, at least until you change it's display format.
  • Image Field: Image fields can now save their images back to your devices photo library
  • Location Field: Locations can now be opened in Apple Maps and Google Maps (if you have it installed). Moreover, you can open the location or you can get directions when you open it in the Maps app.

Bug Fixes

There are a lot of bug fixes. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure which bugs existed in the previous release and which ones were a result of the development of all these new features. However, I can say with absolute certainty that bugs were definitely squashed.


1.0.7 - Released 6/01/2013

Bug Fixes

  • Replaced all instances of UIScrollView with DrawScrollView to get the directional indicator functionality. Somehow I had missed a few views. 
  • (Fixed) when stripping strings to a number in the NumberFormatter, it wouldn't detect negative values ("-") if the negative wasn't the first item (if there was a string prefix). It will now strip the prefix and appropriately detect the negative number. 
  • (Fixed) Adding/Removing/Rearranging/Editing Table Sections wouldn't update the displaying table. This would lead to a crash in a lot of situations (collapsing a section, or even tapping on a table) as the underlying data was misaligned to the displayed table list. 
  • (Fixed) If you saved a Record and the changes caused it to no longer be listed in the record set, Flexile would crash. 
  • (Fixed) Occasional Crash when conforming a Control to a View Definition. This happened sometimes when bringing Flexile to the foreground after it had been moved to the background. 
  • (Fixed) If you tried to save an Aggregate Field, and the table that field refers to was deleted, Flexile will crash. 
  • (Fixed) Table list section header didn't update table count after deleting a table 
  • (Fixed) Sometimes an Aggregate Field would show as "needing to be saved" when it nothing had changed in the field. 
  • (Fixed) In some cases, you could choose to aggregate the very same aggregate field, this would lead to a cycle and crash when you tried to save 
  • (Fixed) Deleting a field didn't remove references other aggregate fields had to the field. 
  • (Fixed) Deleting a Table and then visiting a record in another table that was linked to the deleted table would cause Flexile to crash only if you had previously visited that record. 
  • (Fixed) Unable to select "Back" in the Link Selection Screen if you haven't altered your selection


1.0.6 - Released 5/24/2013

Submitted to Apple: 5/20/2013

New Features & Changes

==== IMPORT ====

The biggest feature in this release is a sophisticated import process.  Flexile can now import CSV (comma separated values), TSV (tab separated values) and the local Contact Database.  Flexile is also now registered with the Apple to receive CSV files, so you can open those files in Flexile from other apps.  The import is quite sophisticated, having the following features:

  • Drag and Drop system for matching Import Columns to Fields.
  • Split a single import file into multiple tables.
  • Auto generate Links between imported records that are split between tables.
  • Match columns to multiple instances of the same table.
  • Match a single column multiple times.
  • Define Default values for empty fields and/or empty import values.
  • Duplication Detection on fields you specify.
  • Prevent Import Data from overwriting existing data (used in conjunction with duplication detection).
  • Import images (from local Contact Database only)
  • Save the match configuration as templates you can apply to other imports (a huge time saver).

==== Export ====

Flexile can now export records as a CSV file to be upload to a remote service or emailed.  Export Features include:

  • Export based on currently displayed record set.  This means the export can be filtered and ordered by altering the current record set.
  • Export Linked Records along with the current recordset.
  • An option to consolidate Linked Records by combining multiple linked records on a single export row.
  • Compress (zip) the export.

==== Backup, Restore & Remote Services ====

  • In addition to Dropbox, Flexile has added support to two new remote services: SugarSync & Box.net.
  • There is a new Service Manager for managing all your remote services.
  • All services can now have multiple accounts.
  • There is a new File Browser for navigating remote systems and selecting/adding/modifying files/folders.  The Export, Import, Backup & Restore functions of Flexile all use the new file browser.

==== Cosmetic Changes ====

  • iPad only - The iPad now displays all of the table is a sidebar rather than in full screen.  This should provide a little quicker, more integrated feel.  If you like the old system, you can change the table display back to a full screen grid in Flexile's settings.
  • All 3D cube-like transitions have been switched out with sliding animations and the animations have been sped up.  While the 3D cube animations were kind of fun, they took to long to complete which slowed down navigation. 

==== Bug Fixes ====

Of course, there were the normal requisite bug fixes.  At this point, though, I have no idea which bugs were actually present in the previous release and which cropped up due to the development process.

1.0.5 Released 3/13/2013

New Features & Changes

  • Themes: Flexile now has several themes to choose from. Simply select the Theme you want in the settings, no restart required. 
  • Changed most of the buttons in Flexile to use Icons rather than text. 
  • Added an 'Edit' button to all List & Grid views. This allows you to 'reveal' your options (like rearranging and deleting) for a List rather than having to know the appropriate gestures. This should make the User Interface a lot more intuitive. 
  • Changed the "Link Selection" process to be more intuitive. Now all Records will be displayed during the selection process. However, previously linked records will be "pre-selected" (highlighted). You can then deselect records (remove the Links) and select new records (add new Links) all at the same time. 
  • Email Record, Attachments & Links 
  • Copy Record Data as text to device Clipboard 
  • Delete a record from within the record's detail (editing) view 
  • Easily swipe/navigate through records in a list from the detail (editing) view without exiting the detail view. 
  • New grab handles make it easier to find and expose options for the record table and the detail view. 
  • New buttons: "Add", "Save & Add" & "Save & Close" buttons/functionality in the record detail (editing) view. 
  • New & Improved? (at least, I think so) animations for some transitions between views, especially between records. 
  • Added options to disable Auto-correct and Auto-capitalization for Text & Note fields. 
  • Text Fields now truncate (cut off with an ellipse: ...) if the text is larger than the display area of the control. 
  • You can now dismiss (and recall) the keyboard while displaying a Note field in full screen. This allows for full-screen reading of the text field. 
  • Expanded Link Sections will now persist within a 'session'. This means if you open a Link section and leave the record, that section will be open when you return to the record. However, this only persists so long as the app remains in the device's memory (a 'session'). It will not persist if Flexile is restarted. 
  • Added record count to Table listings. 
  • Updated default values behavior for records to make a little more sense. Default values auto-entered into a record will now set the record state to "unsaved" so you don't need to edit a value to save the record. However, Flexile won't warn you if you leave the record unless, of course, you've manually made changes. 
  • Blank Screens will now show a message explaining why that screen is blank and offer a suggestion to remedy the problem. 
  • Web address field now allows you to select different prefixes: (http://, https://, ftp://, ...) as well as define your own prefixes. 
  • Web address field will now attempt to open an address in the default program associated with that link. This should allow you to link to other apps, so long as those apps have their own URL scheme. 
  • You can now open Web links in Safari. 
  • Controls are now easier to tap on. You can tap any part of the control rather than just the 'field' itself. 
  • New Time Picker to make it much easier to quickly choose a time for the Date/Time Control. 
  • Number Fields now display a "-" symbol instead of a "0" when there is no value. 
  • Backup/Restore process can now occur in the background. 

Bug Fixes 

I'm not saying there were bugs in the previous release, but if there were bugs in the previous version there are definitely fewer bugs in this one. 

Importing & Exporting

I've gotten a lot of requests for importing and exporting and I am working on it. I had hoped to include it in this update but it's taking too long and there were too many changes and fixes for me to delay updating Flexile. Importing and Exporting is the main feature I'm currently working on though, so look for it soon.

1.0.4 - Released 12/10/2012


    • Added the ability to set Text Alignment on all Text Based Fields except Note fields.  Also includes Picker fields and Checkbox Fields.
    • Added a new Time Picker because, frankly, the old one was horrible (IMO).

    Bug Fixes

    • (Fixed) Phone Number Formatter was displaying the first character in format string when field value is nil.
    • (Fixed) Picker Control wasn't being formatted correctly when for custom user settings.
    • (Fixed) Blank Links show up rarely and randomly... the problem occurred randomly enough that I couldn't replicate it while debugging.  While it hasn't occurred since the fix, I can't be completely certain the fix worked.
    • (Fixed) Blank Records show up when Selecting Records for a link...again, this happens very randomly so I can't completely confirm my fix has worked.
    • (Fixed) Tapping "Tables" while in a Record List and then immediately tapping a table (within .3 seconds of the animation completing) will cause Flexile to not load the table and instead display the Flexile logo.
    • (Fixed) iPhone Only - Color Picker options went offscreen in View Edit screen when iPhone was in Landscape.
    • (Fixed) Sometimes when selecting a time, the incorrect time was represented and/or it would actually cause the day to advance.  

    UI Changes

    • Replaced the standard Segmented Control with one of my own making.  You should notice very little change (if any), except for perhaps some different animations when adding/removing section elements.
    • Editing Views on the iPad is no longer restricted to a specific orientation for all views except for the "List View in Landscape", which will still Lock the orientation to "Landscape" because it needs the space.
    • Altered the background color for outgoing Links to be more distinct (greener).
    • Sped up orientation rotation animations when viewing a Record Detail (overlay).  This should be most noticeable on the iPad 3.
    • Altered the Font Picker considerably.  It now displays the font name/style in the actual font that is selected (rather than using a generic font).
    • Altered the Option Picker (same as used for Font Picking).  Cosmetically, there's a new cool animation when you select an option.  Underneath the hood, a lot changed.  The animation was actually necessary to keep consistency...plus it looks pretty neat.

    1.0.3 - Released 11/16/2012

    Submitted to Apple on 11/09/2012

    Bug List

    • (Fixed) In certain situations duplicate Links appear for a record.  This occurs if you add Links to a Record that hasn't yet been loaded (haven't visited the record), and then visit that record (causing it to load).  Duplication only occurs in app (underlying Database contains correct links) and can be fixed by restarting Flexile.  This error was caused by fixing the previous "Links not showing up" error in 1.0.1.... so basically I've been chasing my tail.
    • (Fixed) In certain situations (unclear) tapping on a Map Field will cause Flexile to crash.  This occurs if another field has already been focused on, and that field had an input view (most of them) like a keyboard or picker.
    • (Fixed) TitleView was covering up the done button in portrait mode if the title/subtitle was too long.
    • (Fixed) Layout manager will "squish" a note field instead of putting it on a new page.
    • (Fixed) Setting the "Title Field" (in Table Options) to a newly created field results in Flexile crashing.
    • (Fixed) Wow...just wow... I managed to exclude "Notes" from table list Sorting and Searching options.  How bad is that?  If that's not enough, I also excluded "Aggregate" and "Calculated" fields....I mean, we're talking 6 lines of code.  BAD developer, bad.....
    • (Fixed) Choosing a Number based search field in the Table List results in either a blank control (no control) or the wrong control.
    • (Fixed) iPad & iPhone in Landscape only - Changing the Category in Table Options causes the all options below to be 'pushed' down, leaving empty space or else overlapped (iPhone).  Rotating the iPad fixes the layout.
    • (Fixed) Map View - Edit field is wrapping the address, making it hard to see the whole thing.  For now, you can scroll 'up' but once I fix it you'll be able to scroll 'left', which seems more natural.
    • (Fixed) In Table Options screen, I misspelled "Default Viewing Options" as "Defalt Viewing Options".... I have no comment about that.
    • (Fixed) If a bluetooth keyboard is connected, Flexile will not expand text views to fill the screen.  It will also permanently leave those text fields on the screen until the app is restarted.  This is also preventing data entered in from being saved.  
    • (Fixed) Searching for a record, then editing that record cause Flexile to crash if the edit causes the record to be added/removed from the search results.
    • (Fixed) Adding a field to a View, and then deleting the field will leave the field still showing in the View.  If you restart Flexile, accessing any View that displays the deleted field causes a crash.  You can get around this by deleting the view, but this fix will correct the problem without needing to delete the view.
    • (Fixed) Category List Items scroll over the Navigation Bar (rather than under it)
    • (Fixed) Rearranging Categories (not tables in the categories) causes Flexile to crash when moving an item to a lower order (from index > to index). 
    • (Fixed) Deleting a Record will fail to delete other Record's Links to the deleted Record if those Records hadn't loaded their Links (Links are loaded when you open a Record).  This resulted in blank Links in those records (which can be deleted).
    • (Fixed) Flexile uses the on screen views to detect field tab order.  In some cases, it would incorrectly arrange the tab order of fields.
    • (Fixed) Up/Down arrows on BlueTooth Keyboard don't always move like you'd expect.  They also won't move between paragraphs.  And finally, moving the cursor using arrows won't dismiss the menu if it's onscreen.
    • (Fixed) Sometimes text in a Note Field will be offset off screen with no way to scroll.
    • (Fixed) Beta Keyboard. Key overlays (selection flash) didn't match the key after device was rotated.

    UI Changes

    • Altered the Link Selection view to show "Cancel" when there are selections and display the number of selected record in the title.  This should make the UI a little clearer here (tap "Done" to add the Links).
    • Altered "Ascending"/"Descending" Picker control label font in Table Options so the text would fit the field.
    • Added "None" to Table Search options and defaulted the search to "None" to make the UI clearer and slightly less confusing.
    • Removed Copy-in button from fields in the record list since you can't perform that function there.
    • Altered Copy-in Buttons to reflect their status.  A Red button indicates that copying in a value will trigger other fields to copy on the same record.  A Green button indicates that this field will copy in values when another field does (can also be done manually).  A gray button indicates that this field will not trigger other fields to copy nor is triggered by other fields.  
    • Can now sort by Picker List
    • Can now search with a Pick List

    1.0.1 - Released 11/2/2012

    Submitted to Apple: 10/25/2012

    Bug List

    • (Fixed) Adding a Link to a Record that hasn't loaded its links will cause that record to never load its links during a session.  Subsequent sessions will show all links, including the one that was added, so no information is lost.
    • (Fixed) iPad Only. Creating a new category Section, rearranging sections and then immediately dragging a Table around can cause crash. 
    • (Fixed) Tap area on Table Cells in certain views doesn't fill view in landscape, missing Taps on the cell.
    • (Fixed) If Web View opens a video to watch, Flexile will crash after the video is done.
    • (Fixed) Web View won't rotate with device.
    • (Fixed) Views created on one device won't show up on another device if it was a different type (iPad vs iPhone vs iPhone 5), forcing the user to create separate views for each device type.  Note: Fix will loose current views, but all views should now show up on each device.
    • (Fixed) Standard Modal Views presented for WebView and MailComposer from a Table List View doesn't dismiss properly (part of the view remains on screen) until device rotation.  Note: There is still a slight flicker, which I'm investigating, but overall it works fine.
    • (Fixed) Layout Manager isn't taking up space it could in Table Views, effectively truncating Fields that could use more space (mostly an issue on iPhone)
    • (Fixed) Phone would go to sleep while backing up/restoring, causing the operation to fail.
    • (Fixed) On new installation, Flexile isn't showing help bubbles.
    • (Fixed) Restore Files not loading after initial sign-in to Dropbox.

    User Interface Changes

    • (iPhone only)  Links can be accessed by swiping right when viewing a record.  You can also swipe left on the Links view to get back to the record view. Also changed transition animations to give more consistency to the operation.  
    • Added "Loading..." text in Restore File Selection control in the Backup/Restore View.
    • Altered the "Pinch Closed" gesture to display the Close Confirmation for unsaved data after you lift your finger (rather than at the beginning of the gesture).  This allows you to "peek" behind the modal view without being interrupted by a confirmation box.