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About Me

Over the course of my life I've tried a lot of "career paths" (from Network Engineering to Finance), trying to find something I really loved doing.  Eventually, I realized that the the jobs I enjoyed involved creating things.  I like building products.  For a while I thought to build my own company, except I had no idea of what kind of company to build.  So I worked as an Accountant/Financial Manager for a small company, learning the ropes of business, while I looked for something I could get excited about.  Enter the mobile revolution.  With the advent of the iPhone started a new market for software development.  To be fair, I had considered software development early in my "career path attempts" but I was dissuaded by other software engineers.  Most of them (at least, the ones I talked to) lamented the amount of time they spent on maintaining code (most of it not theirs) ... and it really sounded horrible.  But I've always had my hands on some kind of code, working on random websites or developing small programs for myself or a friend (often the business I was working for).  With the new Mobile App Market I decided it was time to actually start a business.  It was an easy decision for me because I knew exactly what I wanted to build, Flexile (though it took a while to come up with that name).  It was a hard decision because I quit my job and have been relying on my wife, who has been incredibly supportive.  But once I really started programming full time I will never look back.  I really do love this.