You can check out my personal blog, Functional Gibberish. I mostly discuss programming related topics but sometimes delve into the philosophical and random.


I'm Aaron Hayman and I think I can now say that I'm an independent app developer.  I wish I could give you a bunch of nice looking credentials... you know, things like "worked on project 'X' for 5 years, which sold for a billion dollars", but unfortunately I can't.  Maybe some day.  Truth is, I've only been programming for a couple years now... and I'm completely self-taught.  A little over two years ago I quit (yes Dan, I Quit!) my job to work full time on an idea that became Flexile.  Flexile was born as much from desperation (I really wanted to change my profession... again) as it was from opportunity (my wife got a job out of state) and an idea that had been percolating around in my head for years.

My past is fairly varied and it's taken a while for me to actually figure out where my passions lay.  I started right after high school out doing tech support for the likes of Gateway (remember them?) Dell and others.  I got certified in a bunch of networking stuff (A+, MCSE+I, etc) so I could become a network administrator.  After a few jobs, including managing a bunch of servers for a bank, I realized pretty quickly that I really didn't like managing networks.  I started studying business, accounting, etc.  Yeah, I know, that's a big change.  But it was starting to dawn on me that I liked building stuff, and a business seemed like a reasonable thing to build.  I went back to school to study business and worked for a few small businesses managing their finances, HR, customer support... and, of course, their networks (ugh).  But I did enjoy it and I learned a lot.  I did that for quite a few years (maybe 8 or 9... something like that) but started to realize I was spinning my wheels.  I had learned what I needed but wasn't taking the risks to start my own business.

A little after I got married my wife (a recent graduate from medical school) got a job out of state in Knoxville, TN (where we live now... I grew up in Orlando, FL).  Since this was a medical residency (and she went through a ridiculous amount of school) I get to follow her around... which was the perfect excuse for me to start Flexile.  So I started studying programming and application development about a year before we moved.  Once we moved I devoted my self to developing Flexile full-time and have been doing that ever since.

And let me tell you something: I love programming.  I've never been this happy with my work before.  I don't wake up and think "damn... I've gotta go in today".  No, I wake up with idea in my head.  I walk to my 'office', sit down and get to implement them.  I can't even conceive of a better job.  I'm addicted.  If I won a million dollars the only thing that would change is a better computer, but I'd still sit down and develop.  I like building things.

Wait... is Flexile your first app?

Well... yeah, sort of.  Programming stuff has always been a kind of hobby of mine.  I've done some stuff on the side for a couple businesses, even building a data-driven website with a custom CMS.  But I'd not done anything near the level of what Flexile is.  Even though I liked programming, I never wanted to "be a programmer" because I didn't want the job to ruin the programming.  It used to be very difficult (almost impossible) to be a independent developer and I didn't want people telling me what or especially how to develop code.  That's changed now with mobile development and the app store(s).  

So, I'm not a "start a bunch of projects and see what finishes" kind of guy.  I'm more like an iterator, and I'm freakishly good at focusing on one thing (and ignoring everything else).  I'd much prefer to perfect a large project than start a bunch of small ones.  It's quite possible that Flexile may ever be my only app.  One reason Flexile appeals to me is that I can continue to work on it for the next 5 years and still not finish all the ideas I have for it now.  I like that.... love it really.  So yes, it may be my "first" app but don't let that fool you.  I've rewritten so many parts of Flexile, continuing to make it better, that it's very likely the app has been completely rewritten at least once.  

Random Stuff

Enough about Flexile.  Here's some random stuff about me:

  • I love coffee.  I roast my own coffee (currently using an air popcorn popper), and brew it using the Clever Dripper.  Seriously, it must be a developer thing....
  • I'm a swing dancer (Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues).  I've been swing dancing for almost 10 years now so I guess I'm pretty decent.
  • I met my wife dancing... and we still dance together.
  • I have two dogs, but they were my wife's idea.  Still... they hang around and chew on stuff while I program and I've learned to enjoy the company.
  • I used to play video games, but not so much anymore (though I have been slowly making my way through Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic on the iPad).  Usually, I'd prefer to program than play video games.
  • I listen to a lot of music and I enjoy most genres, though I tend to prefer rhythmic music when I develop.